Our Story


What does it mean to be a SAFI MAN? Today’s modern-classic man knows that proper hygiene is not optional, it’s a must. But he also expects his skincare routine to be quick, effortless, and result driven. That’s our man, that’s a SAFI MAN. ‬

‪When searching for the perfect name for my new luxury skincare line, I wanted to make sure the name had purposeful meaning and was an accurate representation of the brand itself. I had previously told my business partner that I wasn’t a fan of strong, over bearing cologne based products, but instead, I wanted a product that made me feel and smell like I was fresh out of the shower. ‬

‪I knew we had achieved our goal when our test subjects (our friends) kept using the same adjectives to describe what they felt and smelled: “clean & fresh”. Soon after, a bit of research lead me to the word SAFI ‬[ saf-ee ]‪, which means Clean, Fresh, & Pure in Swahili, the #1 spoken language in motherland Africa. We knew it was the perfect name to describe the brand and lifestyle we were creating. ‬

Our fine line of beard and skin care products contains natural & organic ingredients, formulated in small batches by a certified chemist, in an FDA approved facility. These vitamin rich products are proven to relieve dry and blotchy skin and add a healthy, natural glow to your face. They also drastically reduce breakouts & help against painful ingrown hairs and have been tested on sensitive skin. Did we mention they smell amazing?

Ethically sourced ingredients. No synthetic colors or fragrances, no parabens, no sulfates, no mineral oil or petroleum.


Andra Fuller & Team